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This feature has been removed.

The Winter realm is the first realm that can be unlocked in Speed City. You'll need 2,500 or more steps to be able to access it.

There is a blue crate in this realm, which appears to be frozen inside a block of ice, next to the tree where you can find the snowman's eye. Not much is known about it, but it is unobtainable. It is most likely just a decoration, or something in an upcoming update.

The green orbs give 1,500 steps

The red orbs give 2,000 steps

In Winter, you can find the Snowman Quest

  • The Snowman will say "I can't see very well. If you find my eye, I will reward you with a trail."
  • The Snowman's eye is located behind the tree that is next to the blue crate frozen in a block of ice. You must either click on the eye with your cursor if you are on a PC, or tap the eye if you are on a mobile device, then walk back to the snowman.
  • When you return back to the Snowman, it will obtain its eye. In return, as promised before, they will reward you with the Snowman Trail!


  • It is the first realm that can be discovered in Speed City.
  • In Update 10, a pumpkin decoration was placed next to this realm's portal.