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The Unstable Trail could be obtained by buying a Halloween Crate for 130,000,000 steps.


  • This trail appears to be the orange outlines of a road.
  • It was added in Update 10, the Halloween update.
  • It occasionally changes direction in the player's inventory.
  • When equipped, it sometimes changes into the Rainbow Trail for a moment, then changes back. This trail's stats always stay the same, though.
  • This trail had the best step and orb multipliers in Speed City until Update 11, the Christmas update, came out, adding the Tree Trail and Marshmallow Trail. Some time after, its stats were increased to be higher than those of the Tree and Marshmallow.
  • It went unobtainable in Update 11, the Christmas update, but became obtainable again when the Wreath Trail was removed.
  • Its stats were increased from 130, 130, 4, to 199, 199, 4.
  • It is the first Unstable to be added to the game.
  • It is the only Unstable that isn't bought at the Unstable Shop.
  • It is the only orange unstable