Speed City Wiki

Trail Crates are crates you can open that give you a variety of different trails. They all cost a different amount of steps (with the exception of the Rainbow Crate), the amount rising as the tier goes up. They are the primary way of obtaining trails.

Currently, there are 11 Trail Crates available in Speed City.

Crate Price Location Trails
Blue Crate 250 steps Main City, in the crates shop. 3
Purple Crate 2,500 steps Main City, in the crates shop. 4
Green Crate 25,000 steps Main City, in the crates shop. 4
Red Crate 250,000 steps Main City, in the crates shop. 4
Legendary Crate 500,000 steps Volcano realm, in front of the volcano.
Beach Crate 1,000,000 steps Beach realm, in front of the little hut to the left.
Dark Crate 4,000,000 steps Shadow Dimension, in the center. 3
Cloud Crate 5,000,000 steps 4
Ocean Crate 10,000,000 steps Beach, in the top right corner. 3
Halloween Crate 13,000/130,000,000 steps Main City, next to the Top Steps Leaderboard. 4/3
Rainbow Crate R$2,499 Main City 1

Each of these crates gives you different trails. However, the more expensive they are, the easier more harder-to-get rarities are!

Note: There is another crate in the Winter realm, but it is unobtainable.