Speed City Wiki

These are important rules in the Speed City Wiki. In order to be welcome here, make sure to follow all of our rules!

  • [1] Do not use any type of profanity anywhere in this wiki.
  • [2] Always make sure to stay friendly, and not cause unneeded/unnecessary drama!
  • [3] Do not vandalize on ANY of the pages.
  • [4] Do not comment saying you are selling trails in-game for robux.
  • [5] Do not ask other players for trails.
  • [6] Do not spam any of the comments on any of the pages.
  • [7] Do not post any type of NSFW.
  • [8] Do not make purely off-topic discussion posts, blogs, or comments. Loosely related is fine.
  • [9] Do not continuously ask for moderator.
  • [10] Read the Editing Guidelines before editing!

As long as you follow these rules, you shouldn't get into any trouble with moderation!

However, if you do break one of these rules, you may be blocked from the wiki for an amount of time depending on the severity of the situation. We may kindly remind you of a certain rule if it is small, however, if it is something like complete harassment, creating NSFW pictures, etc, you will be permanently blocked.

Thanks for reading, and remember to have fun!!