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What is Speed City?

  • Speed City is a Roblox game, which was created by a Roblox user: Meltedway. It was made as a direct sequel to the original game, Speed Simulator.
  • This game had been in development for a very long time. Originally, players could play Speed City on the Testing Place, which is now used for testing updates and is currently closed.

Direct Link to the Game


The Testing Server

https://www.roblox.com/games/1127203060/testing-place (Currently closed, will be updated if it opens!)

Staff (on the Wiki)

If you need help with something, or want to ask one of us a question, go ahead! Just remember that we are NOT admins on the Speed City game itself, and we cannot help you if you get scammed, or accidentally delete something in-game.

NightmareEntity - Founder and Bureaucrat

NoticeMehPlease - Admin and Bureaucrat

1WikiConstructionTemmie1 - Content and Discussions Moderator

Most Recent Wiki Activity

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Update 10 (Halloween update)

What's new:

  • Crate: the Halloween Crate has been added and put in the Main City area.
  • Pumpkin decorations have been placed around the Main City area.
  • Added code: Spooky
  • Expired codes: Sand, Lightning, and TofuuHair (possibly more)

Update 9

What's new:

  • Crate: the Ocean Crate has been added and put into the Beach realm.
    • 3 new trails from the crate.
  • Orbs: Appearances have been slightly changed. For example, dark blue orbs have been changed to light blue, and green orbs have been changed to lime. The outline of all of the orbs have also been made thinner.

Update 8

What's new:

  • A new portal, to a new realm, has been added inside the Volcano realm.
  • Crate: along with the realm, a crate, called the Dark Crate was added.
  • Added code: Portal