Speed City Wiki

Realms are different places that can be unlocked when the player has the amount of steps required (with the exception of Elite City). Currently, there are 7 (6 if you don't use any Robux for the Elite City) different zones available to be accessed and explored in Speed City.

List of Realms

Realm Name Requirement to enter Custom crate(s) Portal's Location When it was added
Winter 2,500 steps None Main City
Original Map 50,000 steps None Main City
Volcano 75,000 steps Legendary Crate Main City
Beach 500,000 steps Beach Crate and Ocean Crate Main City Update 4 (3/17/2019)
Infinite Road 1,000,000 steps None Main City Update 4 (3/17/2019)
Shadow Dimension 75,000 steps (due to this realm's portal being located in the Volcano realm) Dark Crate Volcano realm Update 8
Elite City Elite Gamepass None Main City
Ghost City Any ghost trail Pink crate, yellow crate, white crate, green crate. Beach realm Update 15.0