Speed City Wiki

The Races are a common attraction in Speed City. Before participating in a race, make sure you have lots of steps, to enable you to run fast.

Note: It might not always be the speed of players that determines the winner. It can also depend on how fast the players' connections are, or how powerful their devices are. Sometimes, when a race starts, the internet can freeze, and you cannot start straight away!

There is a glitch in the Races. You can glitch right through the barrier before the race starts if you are fast enough! (However, you will likely get teleported back to the start when the race starts.)

If you are not very fast, and cannot win a race, don't go asking people to let you win! Instead, save up your steps to run faster. Remember, your speed increases with your steps!

How to do a Race

  • Step 1: If there is a countdown at the top of your screen in-game, then press the green "Join" button. If not, move on to the next step. If it worked, skip to Step 4.
  • Step 2: Go to to the Main City area, and find the closest red building near the fountain.
  • Step 3: On one side of this red building, there should be some text on it, saying "Join Race", and underneath that, a red circle. Walk inside the circle.
  • Step 4: Let the countdown begin! Once it runs out, run towards the finish line. For better results, have a fast internet, powerful device, and lots of steps!


The reward isn't big at all; it's nothing to go crazy over.

When someone finishes the race in first place, it will announce that they won on top of every player's screens.

The player who won will also get get some green text saying: "+250 Steps" which will last for a couple seconds. This indicates the reward. Sadly, this reward cannot be changed or increased, even with the orb multiplier on a trail. Due to this, races are done more for glory, which is a reward in itself.


End of the map (orb invisible)

Race Countdown