Speed City Wiki

Orbs are colored ball-shaped objects that spawn in the Speed City areas, which can be collected to grant steps. The orbs tend to give various amounts of steps, depending on the realm. All orbs (except for the Race Green) can also give more steps, depending on the Orb Multiplier on your equipped trail.

Here is a list of all colors of orbs sorted from the lowest amount of steps given.

(Note: these names are unofficial and made by the community.)

Orb Name Location Amount of Steps granted When it was added
Blue Main City 25
Purple Main City 50
Green Main City 75
Winter Green Winter Map 75
Red Main City 100
OG Blue Original Map 100
Winter Red Winter Map 150
OG Green Original Map 150
OG Red Original Map 200
Race Green Races (This orb isn't

visible, but it still can be collected by winning a race.)

250 (and cannot be increased with Orb Multiplier)
Volcano Red Volcano Realm 300
Volcano Red Ring Volcano Realm 300
Beach Red Ring Beach Realm 300
White Shadow Dimension 300
Holiday Green Holiday realm 300
Inf. Road Red Infinite Road 400 Update 4 (3/17/2019)
Holiday Red Holiday realm 400 Update 11, the Christmas update
Black Volcano Realm 500
Volcano Purple Volcano Realm 500
Yellow Beach Realm 500 Update 4.0 (3/17/2019)
Shadow Black Shadow Dimension 600
Beach Blue Beach Realm 750 Update 4.0 (3/17/2019)
Elite Purple Elite City 750
Inf. Road Blue Infinite Road 800 Update 4.0 (3/17/2019)
Black-White Pulse All realms/maps 1,000
Rainbow All realms/maps (but is most common in Elite City) 1,200
Golden Elite City 1,200
Dark Blue Beach Beach 1,600
Ghost White Ghost City 10,000 Update 15.0
Ghost Black Ghost City 20,000 Update 15.0
Elite Big white Elite City 24,000
Elite Mega Rainbow Elite City 30,000
Elite Mega Golden Elite City 40,000
Mega Rainbow Beach (Spawns Every 5 Minutes) 100,000 Update 14.2
Mega Orb Elite City (16 orbs for 250 robux) 1,000,000


  • The Race Green orb is the only orb that isn't visible.
    • It is classified as green because of the green text that appears when it is collected.
  • The Race Green orb is also the only orb whose steps cannot be increased with Orb Multipliers.
  • The Black-White Pulse and Rainbow orbs are the only orbs that appear anywhere (except for Races and Ghost City) in the game.
    • However, the Rainbow orb is most common at the Elite City.
  • The Yellow orb is only found in the Beach realm.
  • The Red Rings are classified as orbs because the steps they grant do increase with Orb Multiplier.
  • The Mega Orbs are the only orbs can be spawned by player.