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The Ocean Crate costs a total of 10,000,000 steps. It can be located in the Beach realm.

This custom crate consists of the following trails:


  • The Ocean Crate is the fourth-most expensive step-costing crate in Speed City, following the Christmas Crate, Halloween Crate (when bought for 130,000,000 steps), and the Christmas Present Crate.
  • This crate is also the fourth-newest in the game so far, coming in the Update 9. The third-newest crate is the Halloween Crate, coming in Update 10, the Halloween update. The second-newest crates are the Present Crate and Elf Crate, coming in Update 11, the Christmas update. The newest crate is currently the Christmas Present Crate.
  • It has the same colour as the Blue Crate, but this is slightly brighter.
  • This is one of the crates that doesn't contain trails based on catalog items.