Speed City Wiki


Ghost City is a new area added in update 15.0 of Speed City, it is the 7th area or possibly 6th you would enter if you obtain a ghost trail via trading while in between 500k and 1m steps, nevertheless this is highly unlikely to happen.


To get access to the Portal, you must travel to the beach (which needs 500k steps to enter) and then to the corner with the ghost city portal while having have one of the Ghost trails equipped to enter. or you can jump to it with Cloud Unstable. it will be directly in front of the portal. you can only collect the orbs and ghost crates there with ghost trails. (except the trail: Ghost)



Sideview of Ghost City

The place is a black and white colored city, with semi-transparent buildings, dead trees and giant lamp poles in which the player can pass through. Everything there is ghost themed.


Two types of orbs will spawn, White and Black orb, with the white orbs spawning more frequently than the black orbs:

- A large black orb with a value of 20,000 base value, 1,000,000,000 when collected with the Ghost Unstable and 2,000,000,000 with the Happy Ghost, King Ghost, and Zombie Ghost.

- A large white orb with a value of 10,000 as base value, 500,000,000 when collected with the Ghost unstable and 1,000,000,000 with the Happy Ghost, King Ghost, and Zombie Ghost.

Ghost Crates

In Ghost City there are also floating crates that spawn on the ground. Ghost crates were added in the 16.1 speed city update, Each crate has its own rule of players obtaining it and the trail inside. Note: these crates don't last forever, they will disappear in some little time if no one comes to collect it. (Not from the whole game, Ghost City.)

- A white crate is the most common crate that spawns in Ghost City. Anyone could obtain it no matter how much steps you have. When you collect the crate, you could get the following: Angry Ghost, Sad Ghost, Surprised Ghost, etc.

- A pink crate is the crate that only trillionaires (1 trillion or more steps) could collect and obtain. Inside the crate is the Happy Ghost Trail.

- A yellow crate is the crate only people who are on the leaderboard could collect and obtain. Inside the crate is the King Ghost.

- A green crate is the crate only people who are top 10 on the leaderboard could collect and obtain. Inside is the most rarest trail in the whole game, Zombie Ghost.


  • Updates after update 16.0, there are crates scattered around this map, the white crates give a low amount, but the crates with pink, green and yellow give much stronger multipliers.
  • Note: Pink crates can only be collected with users that have 1 Trillion (1,000,000,000,000 or more steps
  • There is a weird Unstable trail that has glitched stats it has 1000000 orb multiplier which is called "???"
  • you can go to ghost city with the portal. All the ghost trails take you there but ghost.(code to get ghost is Spooky and a few others)
  • In update 16.1, rich ghost, zombie ghost, king ghost, and happy ghost's stats were buffed to 130,000 step multiplier and a jump decrease. Happy ghost : steps: 130,000, orb: 100,000, jump: 5. King ghost: steps: 130,000, orbs: 100,000, jump: 6. Zombie ghost: steps: 130,000, orb: 100,000, jump: 7. Rich ghost: step: 130,000, orb: 100,000, jump: 7.
  • In update 16.2( not a very fair update but I'm not complaining) the 2x and 3x step multipliers also multiply orbs now. For example, the white orb in ghost city has 10,000 base steps, without the multipliers and is collected different ghosts that came out, you get 1,000,000,000(1 billion). with the 2x multiplier it goes up to 2,000,000,000(2 billion) and with a 3x, it's 3,000,000,000(6 billion). with both multipliers, it's 6,000,000,000(6 billion). The black orbs is just double the amount of the white orbs.keep in mind that they do cost robux. the 2x is 80 robux and 3x is 399 robux.
  • Even if you manage to get to the city, you wont be able to collect any orbs there.