Ghost City is a new area added in update 15.0 of Speed City, it is the 7th area you are able to enter in the game.

Possibly 6th if you obtain a ghost trail via trading while in between 500k and 1m steps although this is highly unlikely.

. To enter, you must travel to the beach and then to the corner with the ghost city portal. You also must have the Ghost Unstable Trail or other ghost trails equipped to enter.

The place is a black and white colored city, with transparent buildings, trees (etc.) in which the player can pass through. Two types of orbs will spawn, with the black orb spawning more frequently than the white:

- A large black orb with a value of 1,000,000,000 with the ghost Unstable, 2,000,000,000 with the Happy Ghost, (20,000 base value)

- A large white orb with a value of 500,000,000 when collected with the ghost unstable, 1,000,000,000 with the Happy Ghost, (10,000 base value)

RobloxScreenShot20200713 174934459.png

Picture of the city from above: >>>

(Please note that you may obtain this trail via trading while having in between 500,000 steps and 999,999, meaning it could be the 6th area you enter rather than 7th, although this is highly unlikely.)

During update 16, there are crates scattered around this map, the crates with white give a low amount (Screen shot will be inserted later) the crates with pink, green and yellow give much stronger multipliers (Screen shot will be inserted later)

Note: Pink crates can only be collected with users that have 1T or more steps

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