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Before editing, make sure to read this article, so you can know for sure that you're making a helpful edit to this wiki! Don't forget to read the Rules, too!

Words that can get mixed up

First, let's look at the words: Its, and It's. It's means "It is". While its means someone having possession over something.


In an article...if you see a sentence missing a period (a "."), then please add it in. If you see an exclamatory sentence that is missing an exclamation point (a "!"), then please add it in. When a word needs emphasizing: rather than using upper-case letters, use italics.

Adding in information

If you find some missing information that you think should be added in, do so! Just remember not to capitalize every word in the sentence, and remember punctuation.


Don't add useless or random categories. If a page is missing an appropriate category, then feel free to add it in. But remember, try not to add categories that don't exist!

Making Trivia

When adding in facts that makes an item unique from the rest, don't add in useless trivia. For example, if the Ocean Crate is the most expensive crate in-game, it would be the most expensive in the Beach realm, but it would be useless to add the last part in because it is so obvious already.

What not to do


Vandalizing is removing content, adding in useless information, spamming, or making inappropriate pages. If you vandalize, you will be blocked from the wiki for a certain amount of time. If you keep vandalizing, you will be blocked forever. If we see you vandalizing on another wiki, we are likely to block you from here, as well.