Speed City Wiki

The Beach is the fifth realm a player can unlock in Speed City. It grants entrance to Ghost City.


  • Two custom crates: the Beach Crate and Ocean Crate.
  • Two ramps, the larger one having a sign saying, "DANGER! DO NOT USE IF SPEED IS OVER 1000!"
  • A small hut, with the Beach Crate in front of it
  • An island with the Ocean Crate
  • An island in the corner, with the portal to Ghost City
  • A red ring, which is placed in front of the larger ramp. It grants 300 steps, and can be increased with orb multiplier. Once jumped through, it will reappear again in 37-43 seconds
  • It has two shops, the Timeless Shop and the Unstable Shop

Steps From Orbs In This Realm

  • Yellow: 500
  • Blue: 750
  • Dark blue: 1,600
  • Black and white: 6,000
  • Mega rainbow: 100,000


  • The Beach was first leaked in the official discord when the creator, Meltedway, talked about it and sent a screenshot of the unfinished map.
  • It is the second realm to come out with an update on Speed City. Both the Original Map and the Winter Map came with Speed City's release.
  • Unlike the other realms, this one, instead of having an invisible barrier, automatically teleports players back in if they fly out. this barrier got deleted in the beach update.
  • this is the only realm which has crates than change every hour, (Timeless and Unstable shops/crates).